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EXT - the Extendable Token Standard for the Internet Computer

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EXT is a token standard that we built on the IC, modelled after Ethereum's ERC1155 standard. EXT allows developers to deploy a wide range of tokens, from traditional fungible tokens to NFT's and more. EXT also allows for multiple tokens (which could be either fungible or non-fungible) to be created and managed within a single canister.

This multi-token approach can be compared with hardware virtualization (e.g. VMs). We can leverage a single secure codebase to launch multiple token instances. The benefits include computation and storage cost savings, and better interoperability between sister tokens.

To illustrate the cost savings - it cost less than 50M cycles to create a new "virtual" token, compared to approx. 1T cycles to create a new token canister on the GA subnet. That means you could create over 12,000 tokens at the cost of $1USD in cycles using our multi-token standard.

Developers can build atomic swapping, liquidity pools and decentralized exchanges directly into the canister. You can read more about our standard here